Tracey Ullman

Born on Dec. 30, 1959, in Slough, England -- a famously nondescript town made infamous on the hit BBC series '"The Office'" -- British comedienne Tracey Ullman burst onto the American television scene in the late 1980s with '"The Tracey Ullman Show'" (1987-90), an Emmy-winning program that showcased her skill at creating memorable characters with the help of makeup, prosthetics and wigs.

In the '90s, she would return to the realm of irreverent sketch comedy with the HBO series '"Tracey Takes On &'" (1996-99), but Ullman also enjoyed an active career as a movie actress, working with Mel Brooks in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993); Robert Altman in Ready to Wear (1994); Woody Allen in Bullets Over Broadway (1994) and Small Time Crooks (2000); and Jon Waters in A Dirty Shame (2004).

Ever versatile, she even tried her hand at the talk show format with the short-lived '"Visible Panty Lines'" (2001).