Peter Sellers

One of the most versatile comedians of all time, Peter Sellers was born Sept. 8, 1925, to British vaudeville performers. In 1955, after several stints on some popular BBC radio and TV shows, Sellers appeared in his first important film, The Ladykillers, opposite Alec Guiness.

In 1958, Sellers appeared in George Pal's big-budget musical Tom Thumb, followed by the satiric comedy I'm All Right, Jack, which earned him Best Actor honors from the British Film Academy. In the early '60s, he starred as the immortal Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick's titular black comedy and as the legendary, bumbling Inspector Clouseau in A Shot in the Dark (which augured many Pink Panther sequels).

In 1979, he gave perhaps his greatest performance as Chance the gardener in Being There. Sellers married four times (sex kitten Britt Eklund was one of his wives). He died of a heart attack July 24, 1980.