Edward James Olmos

Known for his intensity, integrity and commitment to activism -- particularly his work inspiring at-risk youth -- Edward James Olmos was born in East Los Angeles on Feb. 24, 1947. As a teenager, he performed in several rock bands, and by the 1970s, he'd played in some of the most famous clubs on Los Angeles's Sunset Strip.

Olmos's big acting break arrived in 1978, when he won a starring role in the musical "Zoot Suit," for which he received critical acclaim and a Tony nomination. In 1984, Olmos signed on as Lt. Martin Castillo in the hit NBC series "Miami Vice," a role that lasted five years and led to stardom and an Emmy Award.

In 1988, Olmos received an Oscar nomination for his performance in Stand and Deliver. The actor also delivered notable performances in American Me; My Family, Mi Familia; the TV movie The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez; and the PBS series "American Family."