Leonard Nimoy

Boston native Leonard Nimoy landed in the world March 26, 1931, and began acting at age 8 in community theater productions. After moving west and joining the Pasadena Playhouse ensemble, he appeared in bit parts in such movies as Rhubarb (1951), Francis Goes to West Point (1952), Them (1954) and Seven Days in May (1964).

The gaunt thespian inked a contract in 1966 to play stoic Vulcan Mr. Spock on the television series "Star Trek" -- and a pop-culture phenomenon was born. Although the program lasted only three years, Nimoy received three Emmy nominations for his work and reprised the role in six feature films, including Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which he also helmed.

Among Nimoy's other screen credits are a two-year stint on the show "Mission: Impossible," hosting chores on the syndicated series "In Search Of ..." and directing the hit film Three Men and a Baby (1987).