Alec Baldwin

Born April 3, 1958, in Massapequa, N.Y., Alec Baldwin was the second of six children and is the most prominent of the four brothers who pursued acting. Originally intending to practice law, he studied political science at George Washington University before deciding that acting was his passion.

Baldwin's degree in drama marked the beginning of an extremely successful career in theater and film. His big-screen work in The Hunt for Red October (1990) and an Oscar-nominated supporting turn in The Cooler (2003) shows his range as an actor and willingness to take risks across the spectrum, from big-budget leads to character parts.

Armed with talent and charisma, Baldwin maintains a sense of self-deprecating humor, as seen in his Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning role as a pompous TV network executive in "30 Rock." His inspired supporting performance in the 2009 comedy It's Complicated earned him a BAFTA nod.