John Huston

The nucleus of three generations of Academy Award winners, renowned director John Huston was born Aug. 5, 1906, in Nevada, Mo. He began his Hollywood career as a scriptwriter, penning dialogue for such classics as Jezebel (1938) and Sergeant York (1941). Huston picked up the directorial baton for The Maltese Falcon (1941), a taut detective noir that established his credentials.

Famed for crafting films featuring self-reliant, macho protagonists, Huston helmed his magnum opus -- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) -- to Oscars for direction and screenplay. The film also netted his actor father, Walter, a statuette for his supporting role.

The director's impressive oeuvre includes The African Queen (1951), The Misfits (1961) and Prizzi's Honor (1985), in which he directed daughter Anjelica to a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Huston passed away Aug. 28, 1987.