Bonnie Hunt

Born Sept. 22, 1964, Chicago native (and longtime Cubs fan) Bonnie Hunt is one of seven children -- a real-life role that would prepare her to play the mother of 12 in the 2003 hit Cheaper by the Dozen. Trained as a nurse, Hunt was still pursuing that career when she began studying with Chicago's Second City comedy troupe.

In time, Hunt received an invitation to join the company and was soon a featured performer. Following her film debut in 1988's Rain Man, she began appearing regularly on television and in movies such as Beethoven (1992), the box-office blockbuster Jerry Maguire (1996) and The Green Mile (opposite Tom Hanks, 1999).

After several failed TV shows, Hunt hit pay dirt in 2002 as the star of "Life with Bonnie," which earned her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. In 2005, she made the sequel Cheaper by the Dozen II, and in 2006 she lent her voice to the animated smash Cars.