Bob Hoskins

Born on October 26, 1942, in Suffolk, England, Bob Hoskins left school at age 15 and held a number of odd jobs (including circus fire-eater) before becoming an actor.

Although Hoskins regularly attended the theater, his acting career began accidentally: While watching auditions with a friend, Hoskins was mistaken for an actor and wound up getting the part. After appearing on the stage and in several British television series, Hoskins gained wider recognition playing a mob boss in 1980's The Long Good Friday. Known for his cockney characters and his gravelly voice, Hoskins balances his appearances in Hollywood movies with work in independent cinema.

Notable films for Hoskins include The Cotton Club, Mona Lisa (which earned him an Oscar nomination, a Cannes Film Festival Award and a Golden Globe), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mermaids, Hook, Nixon, Felicia's Journey and Enemy at the Gates.