Michael J. Fox

Born June 9, 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta, diminutive Michael J. Fox once dreamed of being a pro hockey player but ultimately gravitated to acting.

At age 18, Fox moved to Los Angeles, where he appeared mostly in bit parts before hitting the jackpot in 1982 with the TV series "Family Ties." Fox's seven-year stint on the show earned him three consecutive Emmys and a Golden Globe. His small-screen success translated into box-office gold when he replaced Eric Stoltz in the megahit Back to the Future (1985). After "Family Ties" ran its course, Fox focused on films, starring in a pair of Back to the Future sequels in 1989 and '90, Doc Hollywood (1991) and The American President (1995).

Fox returned to series television in 1996 with "Spin City," winning another Emmy in 2000. Announcing that he was battling Parkinson's disease, Fox left the show in 2000 but takes on movie work periodically.