Sacha Baron Cohen

Although one would never guess it from the bombastic characters he embodies, the actor most famous for his Ali G and Borat alter egos is actually a soft-spoken, Cambridge-educated scholar.

Born Oct. 13, 1971, in London, Sacha Baron Cohen spent a year on an Israeli kibbutz before attending Cambridge, where he studied history but immersed himself in theater. In 1998, he landed a role on the British comedy series "The Eleven O'Clock Show," where his Ali G character was born, and in 2000, he launched the Emmy-winning "Da Ali G Show." From there, it was on to the big screen with 2002's Ali G Indahouse.

Baron Cohen has since played a variety of roles, including a French Formula 1 racer in Talladega Nights and the title character in Borat (also receiving an Oscar nod for the screenplay). The always-animated actor lent his talents to Madagascar and its 2008 sequel as the voice of Julien the lemur.