Jon Favreau

New Yorker Jon Favreau was born to two teachers in the borough of Queens on Oct. 19, 1966. He attended the acclaimed Bronx High School of Science and Queens College before giving it all up for show business.

Chicago was his first stop, where he studied improv with Del Close and honed his comedic skills as a member of the Improv Olympics troupe. Like many actors, he eventually headed west to Los Angeles, nabbing small parts in movies such as Rudy (1993) and P.C.U. (1994).

But it wasn't until he sat down and wrote Swingers (1996) and brought it to the big screen -- with the help of newbie director Doug Liman -- that he hit it big. Audiences responded to his rendition of an insecure, recently dumped, wanna-be hipster. Since then, Favreau has starred in Very Bad Things (1998), The Replacements (2000), Love & Sex (2000) and Made (2001).