Sarah Silverman

A sarcastic comic whose deadpan quips helped brand her one of her generation's most popular provocateurs, Sarah Silverman was born in Bedford, N.H., on Dec. 1, 1970. After hitting the stand-up circuit straight out of high school, she launched her career with a short-lived gig as a writer and performer on "Saturday Night Live."

Silverman worked steadily in minor television and movie roles, but it was her disturbing take on the world's dirtiest joke in The Aristocrats (2005) that brought her unique brand of humor to the masses. She eventually developed her own namesake show for Comedy Central, applying her trademark wit to traditionally unfunny issues such as bed-wetting, bestiality and racism.

Silverman also scored big with "I'm F---ing Matt Damon," a music video that originally aired as a bit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The song promptly took over YouTube and won her an Emmy. She also scored her first Emmy nomination for her show in 2009.