Brad Garrett

Born April 14, 1960, in Woodland Hills, Calif., Brad Garrett has parlayed a gift for vocal gymnastics, an imposing physical stature -- he stands 6 feet 8 inches tall -- and a knack for physical comedy into a career that's spanned stand-up, film, television and Broadway.

As the first winner of the "Star Search" comedy competition (1984), Garrett soon found himself an in-demand opening act, appearing with Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. Vocal work in animated films such as Casper (1995) followed, as did guest appearances on "Roseanne," "Mad About You" and "Seinfeld." Garrett finally achieved star status in 1996, playing Raymond's older brother on the popular sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond."

In 2006, the Emmy-winning actor began starring in his own sitcom, "'Til Death." He continues to lend his talents to both animated and live-action films, including Ratatouille and Music and Lyrics.