Born Dharam Singh Deol in Punjab, India, on Dec. 8, 1935, the legendary Indian actor Dharmendra was fascinated by film from a young age, often traveling long distances to see the latest movie.

After an early career with an American drilling company, Dharmendra moved to Bombay in 1960 to become an actor. After appearing in several Hindi films, he became a star in 1966 with his breakout role as the sensitive ruffian in Phool Aur Patthar (1966). In a career spanning five decades, Dharmendra has appeared in more than 200 films. Known as both a strong action hero and a romantic leading man, Dharmendra earned the nickname "Garam Dharam" (hot Dharam), and fans couldn't get enough of the Bollywood hunk.

Notable films include Jugnu (1973), Raja Jani (1972), Sholay (1975) and Ghulami (1985). In 2004, Dharmendra entered a new phase of his life when he became a member of Parliament.