Brittany Murphy

Petite powerhouse Brittany Murphy was born Nov. 10, 1977, in Atlanta and raised in Edison, N.J. She was doing regional theater by age 9 and TV commercials by 13, after moving to Burbank, Calif., with her mother.

Success came early to the young actress as she immediately graduated to series television with roles on "Blossom" and "Sister Sister." Murphy turned heads with her breakthrough role as Alicia Silverstone's fashion-challenged classmate in the 1995 teen comedy hit Clueless, paving the way for larger parts. She was memorable in the 1998 TV movie David and Lisa; Girl, Interrupted (in one of her many "disturbed teenager" roles); 8 Mile; Don't Say a Word; Just Married; Uptown Girls; and Sin City.

Murphy was also an accomplished singer and stage actress, and TV animation fans know her as the voice of Hank's niece Luanne Platter on "King of the Hill." She died unexpectedly at age 32 on Dec. 20, 2009.