Greg Kinnear

The son of a U.S. diplomat, Greg Kinnear was born in Logansport, Ind., on June 17, 1963, but grew up all over the world, attending college in Greece and launching his career as a young talk show host with the radio-based "School Daze with Greg Kinnear."

After a failed attempt to become an MTV VJ, he eventually snagged a job as host of the E! network's "Talk Soup," which led to his own late-night talk show, "Later with Greg Kinnear." But it was his breakout performance in Sydney Pollack's remake of Sabrina (1995) that got him noticed as a serious actor and opened doors to an Academy Award-nominated performance in As Good as It Gets (1997).

In the wake of his Oscar buzz, Kinnear has shown a fondness for selecting both traditional and quirky roles, appearing in You've Got Mail (1998), Nurse Betty (2000), Someone Like You (2001), Auto Focus (2002) and Little Miss Sunshine (2006).