Claire Danes

Born in New York City to a painter mother and a shutterbug father, Claire Danes arrived in the world April 12, 1979. After spending sixth and seventh grade at a performing arts school and successfully auditioning for a role in Schindler's List (which she turned down), she was cast in the TV series "My So-Called Life."

During the show's brief run, Danes became known as a highly skilled actress, making the difficult transition from child actor to commanding leading lady. Her hard work paid off with an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe Award in 1995.

Segueing to the big screen, Danes debuted in the 1994 adaptation of Little Women, followed by a few misfires. But she bounced back opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the acclaimed Romeo + Juliet (1996), with later notable work in The Hours (2002). Danes returned to television in 2010, winning her first Emmy and another Golden Globe for her performance in the HBO drama Temple Grandin.