Does anyone know the name of this film please??!!!!

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Does anyone know the name of this film please??!!!!

Postby willrock4food » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:03 pm

Hi I saw this film years ago on film 4 when they were having a foreign film week but I can't remember the name or find it anywhere!!

This is the plot that I remember:

The film is based around a police officer who is investigating a series of murders.
He lives with his son and they have a barn next to their house.
As the film progresses the killer makes it look like the police officer's son is the killer.
The police officer starts to suspect that his son really is the killer.
I think towards the end the police officer finds his son in their barn and he has blood on him but it was from an animal (??) and in the end they find the killer and he realises it is not his son.

I know thats a bit vauge but if anyone can recognise the film pleeeeeeeease let me know!!!!!

Thanks :D
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