Help naming 4 films (French and Spanish)

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Help naming 4 films (French and Spanish)

Postby fleeting7 » Thu Jan 08, 2004 1:42 am

I'm trying to remember the title of four movies I've seen. Here's a
short description of each, please post if you know the movie!

1. A French movie; the male lead meets a woman who works several odd
jobs, including pretending to be scared at a man's driving, and
pretending that a woman's husband is dead and being the attending nurse
next to the bed. The male goes on these jobs, and the cutomers find that
it's much better with the new guy around (because he's really scared of
the driving guy's driving, for example). Bit and pieces of the man turn
into cartoon animation; in one scene he's feeling up his date in the
park, but it's the cartoon hands that are doing all the work without his
permission. By the end he's completely transformed into a short,
white-haired, animated man.

2. A french movie about infidelity. The movie ends with the female lead
saying something along the lines of "why does love make men strong and
women weak".

3. A Spanish movie about a woman who hates her husband. At one point he
breaks his leg (she breaks it?) and she kicks him out of the house
because he's cheating on her. She starts to date an old man, one of the
dates is in a planetarium. The title had something about the woman being
the devil I think (but she's not, really).

4. A French (maybe French-Canadian) movie that takes place in a hick
town somewhere. I remember nothing about the plot except that the male
lead is a screwed up guy, and when he goes to a town dance, he spins the
girl he's with around and around really faster until she's scared.

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